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General Rest Area Resources

Rest Area History on Facebook

US Rest Areas: The site for finding your stops in the US

Interstate Rest Areas

US Department of Transportation, State Transportation Websites

Rest Areas and Welcome Centers - Coast to Coast

i5; Interactive Highway Rest Area Locations Map for Interstate 5

Links by State

Iowa Department of Transportation, Interstate Safety Rest Area Posters

Nebraska Interstate-80 Bicentennial Sculpture Project (Nebraska’s 500 Mile Sculpture Garden)

Vermont Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Sharon Rest Area, I-89

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Monument, Summit Rest Area, I-80, Wyoming


2016 National Safety Rest Area Conference

2014 National Safety Rest Area Conference

2010 Motorists Information and Services Association Conference

2008 National Safety Rest Area Conference

2006 National Safety Rest Area Conference

Preservation Resources

National Parks Service, Preservation Brief 36, Protecting Cultural Landscapes

Recent Past Preservation Network

Society for Commercial Archeology

Historic Roads

Interstate Highway System

American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, Recognizing the 50th Anniversary of the Interstate Highway System

US Department of Transportation, Historic Preservation Resources

Information Regarding Historic Preservation Review Process for Effects to the Interstate Highway System

Federal Register Notice, March 10, 2005

Final List of Nationally and Exceptionally Significant Features of the Federal Interstate Highway System

US Department of Transportation, Questions and Answers

Articles and Blogs

Recharge & Recognize: A Rest Area Prototype for Tomorrow

Rest Stop – This American Life, NPR

For Half of Virginia’s Rest Areas, Its No Go - NPR

R.I.P Budget Woes Spell Doom for Roadside Rest Stops

Rest Areas on the Endangered List?

Save Texas Roadside Parks

Kansas Safety Rest Areas, The Progress of Rest

Nominate Your Favorite Highway Rest Stop, LA Times

Do You Have a Favorite Road Trip Rest Stop, NPR's Talk of the Nation

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