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Should states be allowed to commercialize highway rest stops?

Rest Area Closed









As of October 13 2009 the Arizona Department of Transportation is “temporarily suspending” operations of 13 of 18 of its rest areas throughout the state, in response to state budgetary constraints.  The closures will be reviewed in June at the completion of the 2009/2010 fiscal year.


Arizona Pushes for Rest Area Reform

Don't Stop Relievin'

ADOT Plans to Close Local Highway Rest Area


San Simon Rest Area One of 13 Closed by ADOT


Closed Rest Stops Drive Some to Unemployment




ADOT Budget Cuts to Include Rest Stop and Office Closures


The California Department of Transportation is in the process of reconstructing rest stop facilities across the state in an effort to ensure that facilities meet current ADA standards.  The renovation and modernization projects involve the demolition of existing toilet buildings, many of which date to the mid 1960s.  Most projects will keep subject SRA sites closed until 2011.




Critics: Caltrans wasting money on rest stops

Camp Roberts safety rest stops nears completion - California


New Buildings and Expanded Facilities...








Attorney General urges review of rest stop deal

Controversy over CT rest stop contracts




Conn. to overhaul rest stops, bucking US trend

Subway Lands Highway Rest Area Contract: 35 Year Deal will Bring $500 Million, New Jobs to State


Memorial garden offered as alternative to roadside memorials


Rest Areas on I-85 Closed


Timmerman rest area to be closed, renovated, Idaho


Restoration Continues at Twigg rest area with opening of new facilities


DOT will not pursue Huxley rest stop, Iowa

Iowa cancels plans for new rest stop


The state of Louisiana has closed 24 of its 34 Interstate safety rest areas, including all sites on I-20.





The Rest is history - MA





Michigan Should Commercialize its Rest Areas


Bills out to Clear Left Lane, Improve Rest Areas

New Hampshire


New Mexico

New Mexico may close nearly half of its highway rest stops

Cash-strapped New Mexico considers shuttering 13 rest stops

New Jersey

Drivers beware: N.J. to close rest stop bathrooms

Name game pays

New York

State Closes Rest Stops despite Protest

Patterson Looks to close Rest Stops


State solar panel project slated for Interstate 5 rest area near Wilsonville, Oregon


TXDOT to close rest area on I-10

Area roadside parks may be closed, Texas


Picnic Areas Facing Closure


Vermont to Permanently Close at Least 3 Rest Areas

Administration Considers Closing More Roadside Rest Areas

Vermont Plan to Close Rest Areas Met Angst



All Virginia’s rest areas back in business


Virginia reopens all rest areas ahead of schedule


Final seven Virginia rest stops open

Virginia's closed rest stops to reopen


Virginia rest areas reopening







Simply the Rest: New Interstate Facility to Handle Steady Stream of Travelers, Wisconsin

State Cuts Staff at Welcome Centers



Rest Area Demolition Underway - Wyoming

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